Confido Education

Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector

Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector

Candidate Journey

It’s easy to register with Confido

We keep the process of registering with Confido Education for work straightforward where our focus is on your superpowers thus ensuring in just four easy steps, we have you placed in a school where you are empowered to use and develop your superpowers in the classroom! Isn’t that what this is about?

How we work

We have lift off! Not long now till you have a new position!

We want to know what your perfect postions looks like.

With your FREE accredited safeguarding course and compliance checks completed, it’s time to meet some schools that match your skills, experience and values!
We really listened and found you that perfect placement. And that’s why you chose Confido!

Our Candidate Promise

  1. Straightforward registration process where the emphasis is on understanding your superpowers inside the classroom, your individual aspirations and the training & support we can facilitate through our certified courses and trainers to further grow your knowledge.
  2. We empower our candidates by understanding their values, personality and career journey to match them to the right opportunity in the right setting where they can shine the brightest.
  3. Placing our candidates in the right LOCAL schools based on their profile on the contract that works for them.
  4. Offer candidate supply, long term and permanent work.
  5. All Confido candidates receive continual FREE industry leading accredited safeguard training alongside ‘real time’ sector specific updates on all SG matters.
  6. FREE access to the our learning platform with over 750 FREE CPD courses – click here to request logins to start your training now
  7. Opportunity via our learning platform to access to hundreds of fully accredited courses covering all areas of pedagogy, SEN, wellbeing, planning and assessment. We take your development seriously and offer a range of courses no agency or training provider can match!
  8. Automatic FREE registration for all support staff on our termly workshops for Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants to learn and share best practice, network, and discuss and find solutions to current challenges. Click here to sign up now!
  9. We support people new to education and want to start a career as a Teaching Assistant through our accredited Support First course to empower you to follow your aspirations and make an impact to young people’s lives. Sign up for our Support First Course now.
  10. Our candidates are paid to scale ALWAYS – meaning a fair, transparent, and ethical pay structure to all school staff.
  11. Paid weekly through umbrella or PAYE alongside transparent timeslip portal to keep tabs on your earnings.
  12. Automated booking confirmations and timesheets managed directly by your dedicated consultant.
  13. Our candidate promise simply means we STAND ALONE on our commitment of not just finding you the right job but truly offering you the tools, support, and expertise to make a real difference in the classroom.  That is why are called Confido, you can trust us to deliver on what we say!

What if I don’t have a current DBS?

Confido will process a new DBS on your behalf alongside covering the cost – So it’s 100% FREE

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Enhancing practice inside and outside of the classroom

Confido Education’s why is ‘to champion, empower and support all professionals working inside the classroom’ a huge part of this is ensuring you have access to the very best accredited CPD and workshops under one hub and that’s exactly what our training division delivers for all of our candidates and schools.

Our Training Division includes a truly unique CPD suite that’s develops all individuals who influence children’s learning.

All Confido candidates have access to our learning platform

Additional Offering

Do you champion continuous professional development and want access to industry leading CPD including a range of phase and subject specific content including courses on boosting attainment and student progress, strategies for improving attendance, developing effective pedagogical practices for pupils with SEND, English GCSE resit: High Impact interventions to enhance results to name a few.

Then welcome to our Champions Lounge, become a champion to your pupils inside the classroom.

Our further offering within our training division is  our consultancy services led by industry experts who will listen, support, and advise on multiple areas including SEND, HR, and leadership, school improvement and governance.