Confido Education

Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector

Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector


The Confido Difference

There’s a lot of noise out there, and perhaps too many agencies to choose from, all offering the same reactive standard, blanket service to schools. 

Here at Confido Education we like to think we’re different, our focus isn’t on profit (we understand that comes anyway if you do a great job and have a deeper purpose) Our purpose ‘to champion, empower and support all professionals working inside the classroom’ Is our why and this ensures the level of service you receive is different from start to finish to any other agency in the market – Now that’s a big guarantee but one we know we deliver on and one our schools and candidates frankly deserve.

Value-lead business

  • Every decision we take and placement we make is with the best interest of all those inside the classroom.
  • Focus is on fostering long term meaningful relationships with candidates and schools – only with these longer-term commitments can we truly support, champion, and empower our candidates and schools.
  • Offer the very best industry lead CPD and training in one place across all areas of education for candidates and schools to access for FREE.
  • Pay all teachers and support staff to pay scale ensuring we are supporting fair, transparent pay while also championing the value our teachers and school staff have within their schools and local communities.
  • Work to the highest safeguarding standards in the industry and ensure all staff are trained to the highest level to aid best practice and increase confidence in schools and in our classrooms.

The most accredited CPD courses and training (Covering all areas of education not only safeguarding) offered to schools and candidates by an education agency in the UK.

As a value lead business with a mission to support, champion and empower we can only truly deliver on this by demonstrating our commitment by having the largest volume of accredited CPD, training resources and workshop content than any other education recruitment agency. This means at the centre of our recruitment is the value that our candidates should have the training, support and toolkit to deliver real impact in the classroom.

Our training, Inclusion & Wellbeing divisions are always adding further courses as well as ensuring we provide ‘real time’ updates and knowledge to all our candidates to ensure our purpose of supporting, championing and empowering is seen through the full life cycle of our candidates with no end date.

We’re proud of our heritage; having built our business on a foundation that matters – a values led culture, values which underpin every aspect of our business to provide you with exceptional customer service; and services with measurable impact, we’re only as good as you say we are. Why not see if you would join 98% of our schools who would recommend our service?