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Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector

Supporting, Championing and Empowering the Education Sector

Early Career Teacher

We help Early Career Teachers find the perfect placement from day one

Our experienced team has been supporting Early Career Teachers for decades and continues to provide essential advice, encouragement, and options to our ECTs. We specialise in placing you into the right schools, whether it be for permanent, long-term or supply teaching roles, by getting to know you and your preferences. We understand from experienced that some ECTs often feel reluctant to apply for permanent jobs in an unfamiliar school. Through our experience, many ECTs prefer to hear about day-to- day or short-term contracts in the first year or longer, so that they can build up their experience within local schools without a permanent commitment. Although statistics suggest that one in six teachers in England leave teaching after just one year in the classroom, improved working conditions introduced by recent government initiatives, such as flexible working and part time contracts, have been viewed positively by teaching staff. As long continued funding to support with intervention and wellbeing. Increasing opportunities for flexible working may have a huge role in retaining teachers in the profession, which is why supply teaching is a favourable route many ECTs take. Many find that the variety of working within different schools allows them the freedom to experience different SLT styles, pupil needs and culture. This allows them the time to shortlist which schools they would be well suited to a permanent role, should the opportunity arise. Regardless of your preferred option, it is important to know that you can trust Confido Education (it’s what our name means after all) to provide you with the right options based on your needs and future career aspirations.

Supply Work

  • Builds on your experience within different school settings and with different pupils.
  • Allows you to test the landscape by assessing the schools and the culture fit without a long-term commitment.
  • Undertake a variety of roles (many exclusive) to build upon your confidence and pedagogy.
  • Offers a great degree of flexibility- you decide when to work and at what school.

Long-Term Roles

  • Gauge if the school is the right fit for you – allowing you time to settle into the environment without a permanent commitment.
  • Gain valuable professional references.
  • Offers you the consistency of weekly income and continuity to build your skills and confidence and deliver on pupil progress.
  • Suitable positions can count towards your induction period.

Permanent Introduction

  • For those ready to commit and start their induction period
  • We arrange 3 interviews/and or trial days based on our environmental mapping tool allowing you to attend schools that align and fit your criteria and personality profile.

Don’t feel quite ready to commence a teaching role?

A favourable route into teaching for many ECTs who wish to gain more classroom experience, is to undertake Classroom Support roles (either on supply or longer-term basis), such as HLTA, TA or Cover Supervisor roles. This enables you to build upon your existing knowledge, gain hands-on experience in the classroom and can act, once you are comfortable, as a stepping stone to securing a permanent teaching position. We are also finding that many final year students are keen to take on support roles on a day-to-day basis to add to their portfolio of experience.

For more information about the support, we can offer to you, the options you have available and advice and resources about preparing for and excelling in the interview process, please find a helpful ECT download with FREE support resources.